Calender Grade VII to XII

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Month Holidays Activities/Competitions
April, 2019 14th – Dr.B.R .Ambedkar’s Birthday
17th – Mahavir Jayanti
19th – Good Friday
1st- New Session Starts
22th– Celebration of Earth Day (Intersection T-Shirt painting, Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition)
27th– Foundation Day Celebration
May, 2019 7th – Parshuram Jayanti
18th – Buddha Purnima
4th- PMI
8th– Red Cross Day ( Wall painting Activity)
25th– Investiture Ceremony
June, 2019 5th – Eid Ul Fitr
17th - Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
1st– Inter House Board Display (IX-XII)
4th– Environment Day Celebration
15th – Inter House Umbrella Decoration (VII-VIII),Games(IX-XII)
22nd- Talent Show
29th- Talent Show
English Week Celebration
July, 2019 Summer Vacation- 13th July to 4th August  
August, 2019 12th– Eid Ul Zuha
15th – Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan
23rd- Janamashtami
14th– Independence Celebration
17th– Inter House Quiz Competition
24th- PMI
26th– Inter- section Declamation Competition Semi Final
31st– Inter- section Declamation Final
September, 2019 10th - Muharam
16th – Sair
Term 1 Exams
28th Result Day + Science Exhibition
October, 2019 2nd – Gandhi Jayanti
8th – Dussehra
17th - Karvachauth
Diwali Vacation25th to 29th
5th- Games
7th– Inter House Skit Competition
19th– Inter House Rangoli Competition
Hindi Week Celebration
November, 2019 12th – Guru Nanak Jayanti 14th – Children's Day Celebration
16th - PMI
Exhibition Social Studies and Art/Craft
December, 2019 25th –Christmas Day
Winter vacation - 23rd December to 15th January, 2020
1st– Annual Function
24th– Christmas Celebration
Mathematics Week Celebration
January, 2020 25th – Statehood Day
26th – Republic Day
16th – School reopens
February, 2020 3rd– School Fete
8th– Mock Drill
15th- PMI
March, 2020   Term II Exams

Unit Test 2019-2020

Unit Test 1 Unit Test 2 Unit Test 3 Unit Test 4
27-05-2019 Mathematics 01-07-2019 Mathematics 11-12-2019 Mathematics 20-01-2020 Mathematics
28-05-2019 Science/EVS 02-07-2019 Science/EVS 12-12-2019 Science/EVS 21-01-2020 Science/EVS
29-05-2019 S. ST. 03-07-2019 S. ST. 13-12-2019 S. ST. 22-01-2020 S. ST.
30 -05-2019 English 04-07-2019 English 16-12-2019 English 23-01-2020 English
31-05-2019 Hindi 05-07-2019 Hindi 17-12-2019 Hindi 24-01-2020 Hindi
01-06-2019 Sanskrit 06-07-2019 Sanskrit 18-12-2019 Sanskrit 27-01-20202 Sanskrit