The Indus Global School, Mandi was set up in April 2008 and it is growing swiftly as one of the best school in the city

It is a co-educational school , with approximately 800 students on its rolls. These children are in the Ananda , Jigyasa and Sadhana branches study in the school campus in Mandi . The school considers education to be a life long process which should have a strong foundation .

At Indus Global School Mandi Education for life Excellence is Education and commitment to a meaning education are of prime importance . Quality education is provided to each and every child . Indus Global School believes that love for education should be developed among children in the initial years and conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life . Here competitions with one – another is not the goal . Each child is encouraged to take his or her own time to understand the exercise and gradually build interest.

An Indus child passes through three distinct phases of learning, which we at Indus have termed - Ananda, Jigyasa and Sadhana.

The 3 stages of learning at Indus Global School

  • Stage-1: Ananda: (Play Group - Grade II). Ananda: is about learning through joy

  • Stage-2: Jigyasa: (Grades III - VIII ). Jigyasa: is about learning through experimentation

  • Stage-3: Sadhana: (Grades IX - XII). Sadhana is about practicing to perfection


The joy of learning up to grade II . The Indus child is encouraged to fall in love with learning. This is what they call the joy of learning through discovery.


The spirit of inquiry. New begins a continuous observation and individual student assessment by mentors up to Grade V. Grading begins in Grade VI and this includes grading by self ,peers as well as mentors .


Enabling people realize their potential and achieve their dreams. Grade IX onwards the rigor is centered on finding the right career.