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Grievance/redressal Officer

Name Ms. Chanchal Sharma
E-mail principaligsi@gmail.com
Phone No. 01905- 223577
Fax No. 01905-223500


Name Designation
Mr. Chandan Bhatia Chairman (OES)
Mrs. Bharti Bhatia Director
Mr. Madan Lal Director
Mr. Pramod Sharma Teachers’ Representative
Mrs. Rupali Sharma Teachers’ Representative
Mrs. Jaishree Parent Representative
Mr. Hitesh Malhotra Parent Representative
Mr. Suresh Kumar Thakur Parent Representative
Mrs. Divya Teachers’ Representative
Mrs. Simran Kaur Parent Representative
Mrs. Mona Rana Parent Representative
Dr. Rajneesh Thakur Parent Representative
Ms. Sweety (IX) Students’ Representative
Ms. Ananya (XII) Students’ Representative

A Grievance Committee for Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) FOR THE SESSION 2024-25

1. Mrs. Bharti Bhatia (Chairperson )

2. Mr. Madan Lal (Director)

3. Mrs. Divya Dhawan (Co-ordinator)

4. Mrs. Yashu (Teacher)

5. Mr. Pramod Sharma (Teacher)

6. Mrs. Rupali Sharma (Teacher)

7. Mrs. Chanchal (Teacher)

8. M rs. Simran (Parent)

9. Mrs. Mona (Parent)

10. Mr. Suresh Kumar Thakur (Parent)

11. Ms. Ananya (Student – XII)

12. Mr. Jaskirat (XI)

13. Ms. Sweety (Student –IX)


A Grievance Committee for Women Sexual Abuse FOR THE SESSION 2024-25

Mr. Madan Lal (Director) : Chairman of the committee

Mrs. Bharti Bhatia : Director

Mrs. Monika Arora : Member

Mrs. Harleen :Member

Mrs. Divya Dhawan :Member

Mrs. Rupali Sharma :Member