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Developing Leadership Skills in Students

House System-Sadhana & Jigyasa sections i.e. classes III to X are divided into four houses: Aakash, Agni, Prithvi and Pawan designating most important elements of the universe. This system inculcates the team spirit, feeling of belongingness as well as helps in developing collaborative skills and a healthy competition among the pupils.

Morning Assembly-It is conducted class wise; giving chance to every student and every class to come up to the stage. Firstly, warm up exercises are done then Gayatri mantra is enchanted . After which different prayers either in Hindi or English is sung. Students take the pledge and then they are made aware of the latest news, article and thought. At last the students recite the National Anthem with vigour and enthusiasm. Various days are allotted for thematic assemblies such as yoga & meditation, music assembly etc.

This provides an opportunity to almost every child during the course of each term to address the school and in the process develop communication skills. Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their special talents, this in turn immensely helps the students to gain self-confidence and develop the art of public speaking.

Their other duties include, looking after: Cleanliness, Discipline Smooth functioning of facilities and Aesthetic enrichment and beautification of the school – planning and implementation.

The Children acquire confidence from the responsibility and slowly and gradually start learning the techniques of organisation and management.
The celebration of the Teachers’ Day is a ‘Self-teaching day’ when the student council is empowered with the initiative to run the entire school for the whole day.

There are regular Inter-House Competitions. This helps in building esprit de corps, self-confidence, tolerance, sense of responsibility and leadership. Enormous opportunities are provided to students to exhibit their writing skills through the annual publication ‘Udaan”, newsletter “School Times” and school website. These publications provide them a platform to express themselves and put their thoughts across effectively, logically and imaginatively.