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Month Holidays Celebrations/Activities Competitions
April, 2022 14th –Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jayanti
15th –Himachal Diwas and Good Friday
4th- New Session Start
22nd –Earth Day- Green Day -Mat Printing(PP I – 1st ), Plantation by grade II
27th – Foundation Day
29th – International Dance Day

30th -PMI
23rd –Intersection Class board decoration (Grade II )
May, 2022 3rd –Parshuram Jayanti & Eid-Ul-Fitr
16th –Budh Purnima
6th – Red Day + Mother’s Day 10th –Fancy Dress (PP II) Theme- Garden
13th– Dance (Grade I )
19th –Fancy Dress (PPI+Pre.Nursery)Theme- Himachal
20th – Poem (Grade II )
June, 2022 2nd –Maharana Pratap Jayanti
14th – Kabir Jayanti
Summer Vacation – 19th June to 10th July
3rd –Environment day activity(Blue Day)
10th- Father’s Day
18th - PMI
4th –Intersection best out of waste (Grade II)
9th –Dance (PP II )
16th –Poem (Grade I )
July, 2022 10th –Eid –Ul- Zuha 15th – Dance (PPI+Pre.Nursery )
18th –Spell Bee Semi Final (Grade I )
23rd – Spell Bee Final ( Grade I)
20th –Spell Bee Semi Final (Grade II )
25th – Spell Bee Final (II )
6th– Games (Grade II)
August, 2022 9th –Muharram
11th – Raksha Bandhan
15th – Independence Day
19th –Janmashtami
10th –Rakhi making (PPI- 1st ) & Laddu Making ( II Class)
12th –Independence Day Activity(Tricolour Day)
18th –Yellow Day -Matka Decoration ( II Class)
Lord Krishna’s Crown Making (I class)
20th - PMI
26th – National Sports Day
26th – Dance (Grade II )
September, 2022 16th –Sair 5th –Teacher’s Day
Sports Week -12th to 23rd
14th – Hindi Diwas
Term 1 Exams
14th –Hindi Poem (PP II )
15th – Hindi Poem ( PPI+Pre.Nursery)
20th – Fancy Dress ( Grade I )
23rd – Song ( Grade II )
October, 2022 2nd – Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
5th – Dussehra
9th– Balmiki Jayanti
13th- Karvachauth
24th –Diwali
Diwali Break-22nd to 27th
1st – PMI
4th –Dussehra celebration(Favourite Colour Day)
14th –Global Hand Washing Day & World food Day ( Cooking without fire)
20th-21st –Diwali Craft
17th – Intersection skit (Grade II )Topic-Healthy Food
November, 2022 8th – Guru Nanak Jayanti Etiquettes (A restaurant set up for each class to teach table manners)
26th – PMI
11th –Show & Tell (Grade I) Topic- People who help us
18th – Show &Tell ( PP II) Topic-My Favorite toy
19th – Paper Folding Craft (Grade II)
December, 2022 25th –Christmas Day
Winter vacation - 25th December to 8th January, 2023
8th – Seasons-Decorating with cutouts on drawing sheets (PP1)
23rd- Christmas Celebration(Red/White Day)
January, 2023 25th –Statehood Day
26th – Republic Day
24th – Statehood & Republic Day celebration
February, 2023 4th - PMI
March, 2023