Why Indus ?

We believe that every child is unique . We believe in all round development of the child . We give equal importance to both IQ – Intelligence Quotient and EQ – Emotional Quotient . For us intelligence is not only sufficient in studies but also a child can be intelligent in Music , Dance, Art, Craft, or any other field of interest .

For our school, child is the centre of the classroom . He/she enjoys learning joyfully and meaningfully without any burden . It is the need of the hour . We have to save our children from distress and make them happy self content individuals .

Rote learning has to be replace by understanding . We believe that a school should be a fun place and a child should come running to school and go away from school unwillingly . We put our best efforts to explore the hidden strengths and talents of each child and allow them to excel . We believe in encouraging every child and this encouragement can do wonders in his or her life . We do our best to educate our children to face any kind of challenges in their lives.