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  • 1. DIGITAL CLASSES: Such classes are designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations. It Offers lesson plans designed by the teachers themselves to aid effective teaching. This provides effective, short-duration multimedia elements that help students visualize complex concepts . It also Offers worksheets power point presentations etc. to promote critical and creative thinking . It enables efficient use of teacher time through interactive teacher tools . Students are actively engaged with learning and conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and are able to apply learning to real life.
  • 2. Auditorium Hall – At the ground floor we have a huge Auditorium hall which can accommodate around 1200 people at a time. It has been furnished with the latest gadgets including the disco lights, projectors with a huge screen attached with the mixer, computer and the music system. Assemblies, functions etc. are mostly conducted in this hall.
  • 3.Aquaguard and Water Coolers –Children are provided with safe drinking water by connecting it to the aqua guard. In summers particularly the children are provided with cold water facility through water coolers. Which are serviced regularly from time to time.
  • 4. Audio Visual Room – Separate facility is being provided for playing ACD’S, VCD’S including downloaded videos and presentations etc. so that students are supplemented with exposure to the latest information & knowledge.
  • 5. Play Area – Students in their childhood should enjoy coming to the school, as it is known that kiddies like the swings very much. Knowing this, Indus is providing them with a number of different rides and swings in a separate play area where the children love to play and enjoy in the vigilance of the teachers and the helpers.
  • 6. Skating Hall – Indus has added one more feather in its cap in the year 2013 by pioneering in starting the skating hall . Which will definitely help in improving the gymnastic skills, flexibility and concentration among its students.
  • 7. Music Room – The arts enrich all of our lives! Here at the Music Room we provide a nurturing environment for children to engage in the finest performing arts education. Students are provided with the opportunities to learn the various instruments such as Harmonium, Congo, Tabla, Key Board etc. as well as they are also being trained in Vocal music. Our staff is composed of experienced educators and professional performers, who provide our students with the very best in technical training and performance opportunities.
  • 8. Bus Facilities – Indus has sixteen buses of its own; providing comfortable conveyance facilities for its pupils as well as mentors with a lady matron in each along with the driver because women have that motherly feeling which is required by the children.
  • A Library contributes immensely in developing the educational scenario of a school. It holds an important position in facilitating the students as well as the Mentors. The students as well as the teachers have the facility of borrowing the various books besides accessing in the reading room. We have some huge collection of nearly 5000 books and periodicals etc. including Science, Maths, Fantasy, Health and Fitness, fiction, non-fiction, novels as well as magazines.
  • We encourage children to explore their interests with a wide variety of books and reference materials. Every student of our school is encouraged to read as it has been found that reading activity in young children is directly related to their love for learning not only in the lower classes but even later in life.

Library facilities

Size of the Library in sq. feet 35×30
No. of Periodicals 17
No. of Dailies 5
No. of Reference books class- wise 9th – 75 10th – 70
No. of Magazine 17
Total Books 4764
  • Computer Laboratories – The computer labs play an important role in the school’s effort to educate students to be visually, verbally, and technologically accomplished. Indus Global School’s curriculum strives to establish a balance between teaching students the technical skills needed to generate complex visual work, while enabling them to visualize the creative possibilities of the computer as an artistic medium too. Here in Our school there are two computer labs having 70 computers in total; one having 35 computers for Ananda section exclusively and the other having again 35 systems for Jigyasa & Sadhana. The labs are fully furnished with the latest systems such as WI-FI and broad band connection directly from the satellite.
  • Social Studies Lab – This is the latest inclusion in the infrastructure of the Indus. Social Studies is a very vast subject in itself. In order to create interest in the subject Indus has tried to give its best to its students by converting social Studies into Social Science giving it a practical / activity based shape & experience to its pupils , so that they enjoy the subject to its highest level without feeling the boredom.
  • Separate Laboratories for Biology, Physics and Chemistry : –Science is different from any other subject that a student takes up in school. This is because the knowledge that one attains in classrooms and through books is unimpressive without understanding and learning the methods and processes behind the same. We at Indus are providing well equipped separate laboratories, which allows students to utilize the data gathered from the books, as well from the material Global and helps them in developing pragmatic logic and rationale. Students are made to use the various tools and experiments with different techniques to improve their overall science literacy. Besides offering the hands-on experience, we also teach the students how to make a scientific argument by conducting experiments, reviewing them closely, developing logical reasoning, and responding accordingly, that help in preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals etc. Besides offering the hands-on experience, we also teach the students how to make a scientific argument by Conducting experiments, reviewing them closely, developing logical reasoning, and responding accordingly, that help in preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals etc.
  • Mathematics Lab – Mathematics Laboratory is a place in our school where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities are carried out for the student to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics. . The Maths Lab consists of more than 100 models in various branches of maths like Algebra, Geometry, and Arithmetic which are of great help to students.

IGS believes in Activity based teaching, in accordance with this the school has well equipped science and geography labs . The labs are equipped with latest apparatus, instruments, charts , specimens and models . Children enjoy each session of the practicals as they discover a new world of science through experimentation and exploration. Learning becomes more interesting and fun filled as they learn different laws of science by experimentation.

The school has a fully equipped medical room for providing first-aid in case of need to a child. Periodical medical examination of all students is an integral part of the school routine and the record is so maintained that the growth and progress of the children is periodically monitored.